Southwest Horticulture is a New Mexico based landscaping team that designs and builds environmentally responsible, aesthetically pleasing landscapes and outdoor living spaces that require low maintenance and consume less natural resources. We also aim to help our customers become ecological stewards. The lush, verdant, low maintenance spaces that we create become the perfect habitat for butterflies, birds and other beneficial pollinators whose presence helps to restore New Mexico’s biodiversity without putting a strain on our limited resources.


Landscaping in Albuquerque New Mexico with Native Plants and Paths and meadow xeriscape

“…I wanted to heal and restore health my property. I wanted diversity in the plant and animal life that would inhabit my yard. I wanted it to be environmentally appropriate, aesthetically beautiful, and low maintenance…”


“…Tyson and team completely redesigned our back patio landscaping. Today our back patio is inviting, comfortable, and visually Wow! It has become a really enjoyable outdoor living space for us and our friends…”


We are really enjoying our yard, it is a riot of color, full of bees and hummingbirds.


…Before and during the work, they researched and answered all of my questions and my preferences were incorporated in the overall design and selection of individual plants…


 “…Tyson designed a beautiful space with soft and hardscape. The best surprise? The ‘life’ that appeared! Birds, caterpillars, bees, butterflies! Even though its a small space, it’s like a whole new world back there!…”


“…The result was a living space for me, and a place for dogs, turtles and birds. I recommend Southwest Horticulture wholeheartedly. “


Hiking with native plants in Albuquerque New Mexico

Tyson Hafler founded Southwest Horticulture in 2011. As a lifelong “plant nerd,” he had worked in the nursery and landscape industry since 2006, learning from some of the great xeriscape designers and native plant advocates who began the movement in the 70s and 80s. He began studying New Mexico’s desert ecosystem at the University of New Mexico which led to his work as a professional botanist. While working in the landscape industry, he noticed a dramatic lack of plant knowledge in many companies which prompted him to start his own landscape design and construction business. He and his team have since installed dozens of landscapes big and small all over Albuquerque and the surrounding area in an effort to contribute to the biodiversity and livability of our state while maintaining our limited resources.

Let’s work together.

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