in her own words:

In 2016 I purchased a North Valley home and .5-acre property in a 1940’s neighborhood. The back yard was dirt and weeds and despite my best efforts, loads of research, and four decades of gardening/planting experience, my large backyard remained mostly barren. My work and the expense seemed for naught. I knew I needed help.

Enter Tyson and Louis/Southwest Horticulture, who came highly recommended by one of the leading high desert landscape/garden experts in the southwest. Their website gave me enough information to convince me that I may have found just the people who could bring my backyard back to health and who shared my philosophy and approach, but also had the expertise to make it all happen. A meeting with Tyson proved my hunch correct.

“I received more than I could have hoped for or expected.”

I wanted to heal and restore the health of my property. I wanted diversity in the plant and animal life that would inhabit my yard. I wanted it to be environmentally appropriate, aesthetically beautiful, and low maintenance. I wanted someone who would listen to my ideas respectfully, while at the same time bringing their own creative expertise to the table. I wanted someone who could be a mentor to me and help me to learn how to become a responsible and respectful steward of this little piece of land.  

All this and more, did Tyson and his team design and create.

With Tyson and Louis leading the way, I received more than I could have hoped for or expected. The work began In April and by August, my backyard had been transformed into a sanctuary of profound lushness. A haven of great beauty and full of life and activity.

The depleted, dusty, weed inhabited backyard now is the sanctuary I so desperately longed for: a plush fescue “grass,” berms, grapes, raspberries, fig and jujube trees, vines, lovely flowering perennials…A little piece of heaven. Besides the irrigation system, trees, shrubs, and smaller plants, Tyson and his guys designed and built a large metal trellis, the trellises for the grapes and raspberries, and even built me a good old-fashioned clothesline.

From design to implementation to follow-up, this team has been outstanding. I give them my highest recommendation.

I’m a happy, and very grateful client of Southwest Horticulture and Landscaping.

– Cathleen

Let’s build something together.

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